The Treasury of Dharma Gems

From the Preface:

In March 2021, I started reading the Priceless Treasure That is The Buddha-Dharma by Upasaka Li Bing Nan (1890–1986), and found it to be a most excellent Dharma-booklet that made the profound principles of Pure Land Buddhism both accessible and easy to implement in our daily lives. I believe that if a man who has never read the Buddha-sutras were to read this booklet, then this alone would be sufficient to allow him to realize the full benefits of the Buddha-dharma.

My father suggested that such a great booklet should not remain unknown to the wider English speaking community, and so from then on, I started selecting the most important excerpts from his works to translate. Soon, I realized that the wealth of wisdom and knowledge left by the Great Dharma Masters and Eminent Upasakas of the 20th Century, such as the works of Master Yin Guang, Upasaka Huang Nien Tsu, and Upasaka Xia Lian Ju, could scarcely be found in English.

Thus, over the course of the year, I translated scores of excerpts, essays and articles by or regarding these great figures that I found to be the most important and relevant. The Treasury of Dharma Gems is the collection of these translations, and my way of repaying the kindness of my teachers and parents.

I hope that everyone who reads this will find my modest contribution to be valuable in their spiritual journey, and in bettering their lives.

Link to Book (Free PDF Download/ Interactive Version Viewer):




New 2020 Translation of the Avalokitesvara Chapter in the Lotus Sutra:

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Avalokitesvara Shrine

Avalokitesvara Shrine

New 2020 Translation of the Avalokitesvara Chapter in the Lotus Sutra:

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