Translation of Elder Upasaka Li Bing-Nan’s Article on the Workings of Karma, Leaving the Samsara, and the Benefits of Reciting Amitabha’s Name

Elder Upasaka Li Bing-Nan (1890–1986)
  1. The Celestial Generals, along with their retinues, secretly protect you through day and night.
  2. The Blessings of Avalokitesvara and the multitude of Mahabodhisattvas constantly shadow you.
  3. You will receive mindful protection from all the Buddhas, and be blessed by Amitabha’s radiant light.
  4. All evil ghosts, yakshas, rakshasas, venomous snakes and poisons cannot harm you.
  5. You will not suffer from fires, floods, feuds, wars and prosecutions. Nor will you die of unnatural or unjust causes.
  6. All past evil karma will dissolve, and all your karmic creditors will obtain release.
  7. You will have auspicious dreams, and you may see Amitabha’s august and aurulent form.
  8. Your heart will be joyful, and your appearance will be bright and full of vigor. Moreover, all your endeavors will be successful.
  9. You will often receive reverence and respect from the masses.
  10. When your final moment arrives, you will not be ravaged by sickness and your heart will not be afraid. Right mindfulness will arise. Amitabha and a host of Sages will welcome you into the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss to enjoy supremely wondrous bliss.




New 2020 Translation of the Avalokitesvara Chapter in the Lotus Sutra:

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Avalokitesvara Shrine

Avalokitesvara Shrine

New 2020 Translation of the Avalokitesvara Chapter in the Lotus Sutra:

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